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The Pension POWERclass

This is NOT your average masterclass - this is 2 hours of my EXTENSIVE knowledge taking you on a journey 

which will see you leave  with the knowledge of how near you are to your retirement goals - 

and EXACTLY what you need to do to fill the gap!

A light-hearted session with a combination of learning, walk-throughs and the chance 

to ask questions in PRIVATE without needing to share your info in a group situation - all delivered 

with my GIFT for explaining finance in a CLEAR and non-jargon way!

I FORECAST my pension pot will reach £1million pounds in 17 years and 4 months’ time – EVEN if I pay no more money in between now and then.

So how did this end up FORECAST for 7 figs before I hit state retirement age?

Contributions went in on autopilot each month for 17 years direct from my pay as an employee, and then as a business owner I moved to the money to a scheme which would allow me to pay in as a sole-trader, and later a Ltd company.
 (Which isn’t the best option for everyone… NEVER try to do this without speaking to a qualified financial adviser…) 

My average growth over the last 7 years has been 5.89% and this is the figure I’ve used to predict the growth of the fund (despite the big dip of 2020 and the average growth usually being higher) so that I can see if I’m on track with meeting the goals that I’ve made.

 I can always adjust my prediction if next year it performs at a better rate. 

  Because TRACKING your progress towards your goals is the KEY step which so many people miss.

I’ve been helping my clients do this for more than 7 years and currently look after more than £6.03million of their money and we look at their progress towards their goals at LEAST once a year. 

 For some clients we do this each QUARTER or each MONTH as we look at their Net Worth and overall progress towards their goals and check that they are still on track to achieve those things that are really important to them – and that the things that they THOUGHT they wanted and are STILL the things they really want. 

 But to track your movement towards a GOAL you need to be SURE where you are starting from. And that can be tricky when we’re talking about finances.

Deborah Salsbury
The Reading Doctor

"If you freak out about finances, find the world of money mind blowing and are put off by confusing terminology, Claire is your woman.

Her simplistic, fun (yes fun!) approach will demystify things and motivate you to get started.

Claire doesn't do problems...only solutions! "

Caroline Aby

" I hadn't sat down to really look at my finances for years and so had sort of lost track of where I was with things.

Working with Claire has helped me pull together all the parts of my finances into one easy to understand plan and strategy that was workable for my current circumstances, and can be flexible as my business grows.

For the first time, I understand what I need to do next "

Have you got money in a pension scheme? 

Do you know how much there is and how much it will be when you retire? 

 Are there any restrictions on how and when you can take the money and how does that fit with when YOU want to retire? 

What about income from your business? 

After all you’re unlikely to want to hang up your boots completely, as you LOVE what you do and the impact you have on the lives of your clients. 

 Will you still have part-time income from your business, or a passive income source?

What is the GAP you need to fill?
THIS is what we’ll be covering in The Pensions POWERclass:

How to work out what you’ve got in place already, and what that MEANS for your future 

 How to work out how much you’ll NEED to fill the gap 

 How to decide how MUCH you need to be putting away and WHERE to put it 

 How to TRACK your progress towards your goal 

 How I can support you moving forward and How you can get your POWERclass for FREE if we go on to work together

Not bad for something that started as a company pension that at the time I felt like I was almost bullied into taking out when I first started work. 

When I joined Boots in 1997 after my 3 months’ probation, I was sent a letter inviting me to join the pension scheme with a BIG underlined section that explained that if I declined the invitation this month they’d offer it again next month, but after that the offer was withdrawn permanently. 

 EVEN if I worked there for YEARS I would NEVER get offered to join again. 

So I signed the form, having no idea at 21 what a pension was, any more than it’s for when you retire and they take money from your payslip. And just left it to do its thing, until much later when I actually understood what I was meant to be looking at!! 

Yes, I know that’s a list of SIX… and EVERYONE says these posts are meant to have lists of THREE… but I’ve never been one to do things the same as the others. 

 Which is why my clients LOVE the work we do together. 

Watch The Session For JUST £36.19 - but ONLY until the COUNTDOWN hits ZERO!!

Let’s CLOSE your pension gap FOREVER

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GRAB the Workbook too !!

Google Sheet Template only £9!

Previously only available to my 1-2-1 clients, this will enable you to see at a glance YOUR pension GAP and the built in compound growth calculator will then show you how much to save to FILL the gap.

This is a brand new version 2 - and can be saved as an Excel file if you prefer.

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A value packed session, where you will leave KNOWING your pension Next Steps and with CONFIDENCE to take ACTION!!

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