The Profit Master Workshop - TOTAL control of your profit FOREVER

This is NOT your average training session - this is an INTERACTIVE workshop where I use my EXTENSIVE knowledge to set out 

ALL you need to KNOW about PROFIT in your business in a way you actually UNDERSTAND it 

(probably for the first time EVER)

A light-hearted session with a combination of learning, walk-throughs and the chance 

to see real life examples - 

all delivered with my GIFT for explaining finance in a CLEAR and non-jargon way!

So MANY people in the ONLINE space speak about how BIG their launch was... and that they are running a SIX / MULTI-SIX / SEVEN / EIGHT figure business... but what does that ACTUALLY mean?

What if I said YOUR business might be more FINANCIALLY sound and PROFITABLE than theirs is?

I bet you're thinking - no way! That Can't be true...

Let me just say, ANYONE can have a Six figure launch if they spend £95,000 on Facebook ads!

And many high-profile people in the online space have let their expenses get out of control, which means that their PROFIT is much smaller than you might imagine.

Which is quite reassuring really.

Because when you've got months where you're not sure if you'll have enough money left to pay yourself (let alone taking on a freelancer to help you) it can be easy to think you're doing something wrong.

That you're missing something.
When you MASTER your PROFIT, everything else falls into place.

Profit is the money LEFT once all your costs have come out - and THIS is the money that you will use to PAY yourself, RE-INVEST in your business (team, tools, training) and the money that will allow you to EXPAND your business (and help more people)

  But Calculating and TRACKING your profit is a KEY step which so many people miss.

I’ve been helping my clients do this for more than 15 years and work with business owners who are making sales of less than £1000 a month, through to those who make £200k or more a month.

When they FIRST come to me most of them can tell me how many SALES they made this week / month... last year... so far.

Some of them know what the net profit they declared on their tax return was, or on their Ltd company accounts.

Very FEW of them KNOW which their most profitable products / services are or understand how to BOOST their profitability quickly (putting MORE money in their pocket without making more sales)

So THAT is why I created THIS workshop !!!

Deborah Salsbury
The Reading Doctor

"If you freak out about finances, find the world of money mind blowing and are put off by confusing terminology, Claire is your woman.

Her simplistic, fun (yes fun!) approach will demystify things and motivate you to get started.

Claire doesn't do problems...only solutions! "

Caroline Aby

" I hadn't sat down to really look at my finances for years and so had sort of lost track of where I was with things.

Working with Claire has helped me pull together all the parts of my finances into one easy to understand plan and strategy that was workable for my current circumstances, and can be flexible as my business grows.

For the first time, I understand what I need to do next "

It's content that I cover 1-2-1 with my clients all the time...

Last year, I showed 1 client how to 4x her profit on her retreat by adding TWO small steps to her sales process.

THIS year, I showed a multi-seven figure business owner how a container that had previously brought her £150,000 in a few days was NOT the way forward for her multi-national business.

In BOTH of these cases,  I'd demonstrated how to use my TWO key profit metrics as part of my TOTAL Profit system.

I want to SHOW you HOW to do this too

I think this is what I need...
THIS is what we’ll be covering in The Profit MASTER workshop

How to work out what your PROFIT in your business REALLY is, and what that MEANS for your sustainability

 How to use my TOTAL Profit system to work out WHICH services to DUMP or which to DOUBLE down on

 How to not be SCARED to look at your numbers


Plugging profit LEAKS - 3 things to watch for...

 How I can support you moving forward and How you can get your WORKSHOP for FREE if we go on to work together

Yes, I know that’s a list of SIX… and EVERYONE says these posts are meant to have lists of THREE… but I’ve never been one to do things the same as the others. 

 Which is why my clients LOVE the work we do together. 

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Incredible Google Sheet template £9

Usually only available to my 1-2-1 clients, this will allow you to see at a glance YOUR PROFIT for each service you sell and your business as a whole using my TOTAL Profit system

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A value packed session, where you will leave KNOWING your pension Next Steps and with CONFIDENCE to take ACTION!!

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